With years of aircraft management experience and even more years of corporate and charter flying under our belt, why not trust ATD Flight Systems for all of your aviation related needs? We provide the following services of total aircraft management:
  • Highly trained flight crews with thousands of hours of flying experience. Our flight crewmembers are annually trained and re-evaluated every 6 months. Our flight crews are standing by to meet your needs day and night 24/7.
  • Aircraft maintenance provided by our factory-trained maintenance personnel. The majority of your aircraft's maintenance will be performed in-house with the very minimum of downtime. Our goal is to keep your aircraft in a ready state at all times. We will maintain your aircraft to required FAA and factory standards with impeccable record keeping. You can trust your valuable asset to ATD.
  • ATD's Dispatch personnel are ready to assist you in arranging your travel event. We can help with rental car, limousine, catering and anything else that you may need, just try us. You are way too busy to worry about every detail of a trip. Since we have to deal with the Fixed Base Operators (FBO) at each end of the trip, let us make these important arrangements so the ball doesn't get dropped. Most FBO's have hotel discount agreements with area hotels that may benefit you as well. Let our dispatchers check for you.
  • With your authorization, ATD will use your aircraft for air charter generating revenue for you. This cuts down your total cost of aircraft ownership and offers tax benefits as well. We will never fly a charter without your approval; you have total control of your aircraft's availability. And if your aircraft is on a charter and something comes up, don't worry. We will arrange another aircraft to meet your needs.
In a nutshell, ATD does it all.we work for you. We are your "Flight and Travel Department". We promise to be the most efficient and detail oriented segment of your business.

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