ATD Flight Training Services
  • ATD is a 141 School in the Kansas City Area. Call us today to learn how this can save you money if you plan on getting an instrument rating!
  • 2 PCATD simulators (10 PCATD hours can count toward the 40 hours required for an instrument rating)
  • Interview Preparation (FAR Part 91, 135 and 121)
  • Introductory Flights for only $85
  • One on one ground instruction
  • Flight Reviews
  • Checkrides with in house examiner
  • Formal Ground Schools (We can accommodate anyone's schedule and even work with you one on one)
  • CATS written testing center (Open Monday through Friday and some Saturdays please call ahead to schedule your test)
  • Pilot Supplies (Gleim, NOS, ASA)
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